The 2015 SPECT Perspective

Highlights of our work in 2015

  • During 2015, SPECT volunteers spent a combined total of 30 weeks working in Madagascar.

  • Christina, our educator and consultant, provided training on the principles of sterile processing to more than 60 health care supervisors and/or workers directly involved in sterile processing activities from 33 hospitals and clinics in Madagascar.

  • Dan, our program coordinator/administrator, spent 2-3 weeks this past fall visiting 23 hospitals and clinics to assess their sterile processing practices. At the 15 locations that had sterilizing equipment, Dan used chemical and biological indicators to test the effectiveness of their equipment. Whereas in Canada, sterilizing equipment is tested daily, Dan was told these sterilizers had never been tested.

  • Kayla, a nurse from Vancouver and SPECT’s first non-board volunteer, joined Christina in Madagascar this fall to assist in education sessions (thanks Kayla, we loved having you along!).

  • With the support of a Grand Challenges Canada Grant, 30 Sterilization Packages have been produced. Each package includes a 21-liter pressure cooker, a stainless steel basket capable of suspending a basic set of surgical instruments, and a charcoal burning stove. 26 of these packages will be distributed before the end of this year to 3 urban hospitals and 23 rural health clinics.