Hospital Mattress Distribution

Although purchasing and distributing hospital mattresses is not a SPECT focus, when Christina and Dan visited a hospital in Antsirabe in April and toured the maternity department, both were shocked to observe women just out of delivery lying on foam mattresses that offered little support, had either no covers or extensively ripped covers on them, and which had been badly stained with bodily fluids. 


Since infection control is SPECT’s focus, Christina was determined to “do something about this” and promised the hospital director that SPECT would try to raise funds to replace as many mattresses as possible (the hospital has 150 beds). Market research revealed 4 mattress suppliers in Madagascar. Following tours of several other hospitals and discussions with staff, one supplier was selected. Funds were raised at our silent auction and from a group of generous donors in Australia, (thanks Laura and Jen for spearheading this!) SPECT was able to raise enough funds for the purchase of 10 mattresses. Christina and Kayla had the privilege in September to deliver these mattresses and experience the joy and gratitude expressed by the staff and hospital director.