2017 - 2018

SPECT trained 20 health care workers from 5 different hospitals on the Fundamentals of Sterile Processing, 10 of whom received additional training to continue educating their peers on efficient sterile processing techniques. This training was conducted in partnership with Mercy Ships International.

To fully understand the need for sterile processing training, Mercy Ships and SPECT collaborated with the Cameroonian Ministry of Public Health to identify participates to take part in the sterile processing course. The selected participants and hospitals underwent an assessment to determine the gaps and weaknesses in their current processes. This assessment allowed the facilitator to customize training to the exact needs of the participants and hospital facilities.  

The SPECT team also worked to identify barriers to implementation in the local hospitals and offer input to address those challenges. This follow-up served as an opportunity to provide encouragement, re-enforce relationships established throughout the project, and gave participants the opportunity to move towards transformational development.