Our Mission

SPECT is a non-profit charitable organization that provides education, consulting services and advocacy related to surgical instrument reprocessing in resource-constrained countries

Our mission is to reduce the risk of infection in resource-constrained countries by educating health-care workers, providing consulting services, and advocating for standards and access to resources related to instrument reprocessing and infection control practices.

Our vision is to reduce the risk of infection, in collaboration with partnering organizations and health ministries, to meet WHO standards for surgical reprocessing practices.

What We Do:

SPECT consults with hospitals and clinics in resource limited countries to assist in improving sterilization techniques and to provide education in related areas of infection control and quality assurance. Our goal is to document a significant decrease in infections related to unsterile instruments in patients undergoing surgical procedures.

Our belief is that by providing education, mentoring and resources to health care workers, we will empower them to develop and maintain safe sterile practices within their medical community. SPECT dedicates itself to the promotion of the highest quality of reprocessing possible within limited resource settings to ensure patient safety and wellbeing. In addition, SPECT supports the development of innovative methods to sterilize instruments that are low cost and can be easily maintained within the hospital or clinic.

We’ve found the greatest key to change is listening and understanding first. Change doesn’t happen overnight, it starts to appear when you learn to appreciate the culture you’re working in and how to adapt teaching techniques to suit the needs of the people.