Meet Our Team


Christina Fast  

Christina has worked in the sterile processing field for 10+ years, with over 7 years of teaching experience. Since 2011 Christina has worked as a sterile processing instructor, educator and mentor to healthcare workers in resource constraint settings.  In 2013, Christina founded SPECT to improve sterile processing standards in hospitals and clinics in low- and middle-income countries. 


Olive Fast

Olive has worked in health care for over 30 years, with much of it being spent in acute care. She is an Associate Professor at Mount Royal University where she teaches nursing. Olive continues to provide support, direction, and leadership in her role as Chair for SPECT and Vice-President for SPECT-US.


Dan Fast 

Dan joined SPECT as a Program Coordinator in 2013 after years of coordinating social enterprise, health care, agricultural and environmental programs. He has an MBA and B.Sc. Agric and enjoys developing and promoting SPECT’s programs.


Renata Mrema 

After being a long-time supporter of SPECT’s work, Renata joined our team in 2018 in the role of Communications Coordinator. With a background in administration and business management, Renata’s goal is to bring policy and procedure to our internal communications, as well as assist with creating documents for external distribution. Renata has worked on the ground in Tanzania with SPECT and continues to support our operations remotely as she bounces between her homes in Tanzania and Canada.



A Stanford General Surgery resident who recently completed a two-year fellowship with the Lifebox Foundation in Ethiopia. Jared was tasked with developing Clean Cut, a quality improvement program to decrease surgical infections in resource-constrained settings. His experience in Ethiopia highlighted the critical importance of sterile processing as it is truly the backbone to safe surgery.


Chanel Aries 

Chanel joined SPECT in 2015 while working as a Content Writer for Shaw Communications. She's assisted in a variety of roles from website design, administrative duties, email campaigns and marketing material. Chanel joined SPECT as a facilitator in Tanzania in 2018, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.


Kate diakow

Kate has worked in banking, law enforcement and dispute resolution. She has a degree in Economics and is interested in policy and organizational development. Kate is currently retired and serves as the Secretary on SPECT Canada's board of trustees. 


albert Enns 

Albert has nearly 40 years of experience in corporate life and has sought to practice a philosophy of servant leadership. He has worked in both the Food Manufacturing and Healthcare Software sectors, in a variety of fields including Finance, Logistics, Industrial Engineering, and Information Systems Implementation. Al is currently serving as VP Operations Performance with Q-Centrix, a healthcare services outsourcing company. 


Catharine Fulmer 

Catharine was a long-term volunteer with Mercy Ships, a hospital ship providing free medical procedures to West and Central Africa. She worked in the administrative department for the hospital where she learned of SPECT's work and immediately became intrigued by their vision.