Republic of Congo


2013 - 2014

In partnership with Mercy Ships International, SPECT launched its first ever sterile processing education course in the Republic of the Congo’s capital city, Pointe-Noire. This included conducting initial assessments, preparing educational packages, assisting with cleaning sterilization equipment, and creating implementation plans for hospitals and clinics moving forward. This was the first known Sterile Processing class to have been held in the Republic of Congo. The participants were very receptive to the material and eager to begin using their newfound knowledge to increase patient safety through efficient decontamination and sterilization practices. In 2017 SPECT published its first publication in the British Medical Journal, Global Health: An analysis on limited sterile processing capabilities in the Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Benin. 

We were ignorant before we came to the training; there were many things we didn’t know because we didn’t have a book or training.  We have to make changes so that we can do our job properly.  This new information - it’s like giving someone who didn’t eat for a month some bread and water. Nourishment for growth.
— PANDZOU Edouard, Nurse Sterilizer, Loandjili General Hospital