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Kagera and Mara Regions

2018 - 2019

The primary goals of the SPECT project was to provide education, training and mentoring for 40-60 staff responsible for sterile processing in primarily SS2020 hospitals in the Kagera and Mara regions of Tanzania. In addition, SPECT aimed to provide a Training-of-Trainers course for 1-2 persons from each participating SS2020 hospital, equipping them to train others in decontamination and sterilization of surgical instruments. These goals reflect key public health needs related to safe surgery, decreasing the risks of infection from surgical instruments and improving infection prevention standards for staff and patients. Improved cleanliness of surgical instruments and verbal reports of decreased surgical site infections were reported post SPECT training.

Sepsis has really decreased for patients. After a procedure, even when a woman has a cesarian session, she will go home without complaints because we have been cleaning  instruments well and sterilized them. Before the training our sepsis rate after procedures was very high. Women would come back with open wounds.
— Mara Training Participant