Our Mission

Our Mission

Benin / 2017

Reduce the
risk of surgical

We partner with healthcare facilities to educate, consult, and advocate for access to sterile processing resources.

We're dedicated to promoting the highest quality of reprocessing possible within limited resource settings, with the goal of ensuring patient safety and well-being. In addition, we support the development of innovative methods to sterilize instruments that are both cost effective and easily maintainable.

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Recent Programs


Dakar, Senegal

From November 2019 to January 2020, SPECT partnered with Mercy Ships to provide sterile processing training and mentorship to 46 workers from six healthcare facilities in Dakar. The training program included two 4-day courses and two 1-day training of trainer workshops. SPECT personnel also met with Ministry of Health representatives to discuss the development of National Infection Prevention guidelines and the formation of a Senegalese Sterilization Association.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

As part of the Safe Surgery 2020 initiative, funded by the GE Foundation, SPECT partnered with Assist International to provide comprehensive sterile processing training and mentoring to 58 healthcare workers from nine facilities in Cambodia. Included in this project is a research study that will identify the impact of SPECT’s training.


Central America

Funded by Izumi Foundation, SPECT and Lifebox partnered to deliver a Safer Surgical Instruments workshop to healthcare workers from four countries in Central America: Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. With on-going mentoring, these workers have gone on to conduct 1-day workshops for countless other healthcare workers in their countries.