Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Cambodia / 2019

Ways to Give

Providing the tools and resources for safe surgical instrument sterilization is a huge job. We need your help to tell others about our work – and to help us raise funds to reach even more countries.


Become a
Monthly Partner

Monthly donations help us to better plan and allows you to become an integral part of our work. Please consider an ongoing donation and, in turn, we will keep you up to date on the impact we are making through our invaluable educational programs. 

Make a
One-time Donation

Every dollar received supports safer surgeries and lives saved in countries with limited resources. Thank you for supporting our unprecedented mission to create safe, sterile surgical environments in resource-constrained countries around the world.

Donate supplies

Our program requires specific training supplies, such as personal protective equipment, cleaning tools and sterilization indicators. Many resource constrained countries do not have access to the materials necessary to ensure sterile surgical instruments. We use all donated supplies for training purposes and for ongoing use in our partnering healthcare facilities. Please review the list of items linked below to find out what is most needed.
Please note: SPECT cannot accept supplies that are expired or that don't fall within our specific sterile processing practices. Shipping costs must be covered by the donor, however, we can provide an "in kind" tax deductible receipt to include these costs.

Share our mission

Can you imagine being operated on with surgical instruments that haven’t been properly cleaned or sterilized? This happens every day in healthcare facilities around the world, leading to infection and death rather than healing and life.

Health care workers in resource constrained countries aren't always aware of the high patient risk associated with using contaminated instruments during surgery. SPECT is working to ensure that every health care worker has access to the resources, training and equipment needed to support safe surgery and reduce the risk of infection.

Please support our work by sharing the importance of what we do!