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El Salvador

El Salvador

Asociación de Médicos Anestesiólogos de El Salvador


In February, SPECT teamed up with Lifebox to present a three-day, “Safer Surgical Instruments (SSI)”, training-of-trainers workshop to healthcare workers from hospitals in Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. The workshop, run concurrently with the Lifebox “Checklist Implementation Strategies”, was organised in partnership with Asociación de Médicos Anestesiólogos de El Salvador (AMAES). We aimed to communicate the fundamental concepts, standards and practices of sterile processing, and both workshops received encouraging words from Vice Minister of Health of El Salvador, Dr. Julio Robles, at the opening ceremony.

Participant self-evaluations of the SSI workshop revealed that, on average, their knowledge of sterile processing improved by 2.9 points—up from 6.41 to 9.33 on a scale of 1-10. All participants found the training ‘extremely helpful’ and 58% were ‘very confident’ that they would be able to make positive changes at their facility. In addition, 58% of the participants felt ‘a lot’ of confidence to teach an SSI workshop and 66% of the participants mentioned that it was ‘very likely’ they would host a workshop in their hospital in the next six months.