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Tamatave, Antsirabe and Antananarivo

2014 - 2016

An island off the coast of Southeast Africa, Madagascar has a population of 25.6 million. Access to healthcare is challenging, particularly for Malagasy in the rural areas - as of 2010, 32 percent of the population lived in urban areas and there were three hospital beds per 10,000 people.¹

With these challenges in mind, and funding from Grand Challenges Canada, SPECT conducted a multi-day sterile processing training with 97 healthcare workers representing 40 facilities from the cities of Antsirabe and Antananarivo.

During the course of the project SPECT facilitators also recognized the need for sterilizers in the healthcare facilities and developed a design for a stainless steel basket that allowed steam from a pressure cooker to sterilize surgical instruments in a resource-constrained environment. SPECT located an engineer and metalworker who manufactured 30 instrument baskets that were distributed to the highest-need facilities visited by SPECT.

Additionally in 2015, in partnership with Mercy Ships, SPECT provided six weeks of in-depth mentorship and classroom education for three healthcare workers in Tamatave and consulted on the rebuilding of the hospital's sterilization department.

Global News Calgary featured a video of SPECT's mission in Madagascar, found here.

"The training has been helpful because we know how to decrease infection in the hospital and because of this the patient’s stay is shorter." – Stanislas, Training Participant
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